Welcome! I am the Sloan School Career Development Associate Professor of Work and Organization Studies at MIT Sloan, where I teach negotiation.
My research focuses on culture and globalization, especially the “Bamboo Ceiling” phenomenon.
New articles:
Lu, J.G., Benet-Martínez, V., & Wang, L.C. (forthcoming). A socioecological-genetic framework of culture and personality: Their roots, trends, and interplay. Annual Review of Psychology
Lu, J.G.*, Song, L.L.*, Zheng, Y., & Wang, L.C. (forthcoming). Masks as a moral symbol: Masks reduce wearers’ deviant behavior in China during COVID-19. PNAS
Lu, J.G. (forthcoming). Two large-scale global studies on COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy over time: Culture, uncertainty avoidance, and vaccine side-effect concerns. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology