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*denotes equal authorship

Lu, J.G. (2024). A creativity stereotype perspective on the Bamboo Ceiling: Low perceived creativity explains the underrepresentation of East Asian leaders in the United States. Journal of Applied Psychology

Lu, J.G., Martin, A., Usova, A., & Galinsky, A.D. (2019). Creativity and humor across cultures: Where Aha meets Haha. In S.R. Luria, J. Baer, & J.C. Kaufman (Eds.), Creativity and humor (pp. 183–203). San Diego, CA: Academic Press.


Lu, J.G.*, Hafenbrack, A.C.*, Eastwick, P.W., Wang, D.J., Maddux, W.W., & Galinsky, A.D. (2017). “Going Out” of the box: Close intercultural friendships and romantic relationships spark creativity, workplace innovation, and entrepreneurship. Journal of Applied Psychology


Lu, J.G., Akinola, M., & Mason, M.F. (2017). “Switch On” creativity: Task switching can increase creativity by reducing cognitive fixation. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes

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